Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Haunt 1976 part 2

Here's more of the photos from the 1976 Halloween Haunt promotional event. This was the second year that Wolfman Jack was the host of Halloween Haunt. "Wolfman's Haunted Hearse" shown in these photos was being raffled off this year. Back then they thought they needed an extra incentive for people come. The hearse and Wolfman's coffin was detailed by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, of Rat Fink fame, from Knott's Graphics Department.

Wolfman Jack with Virginia (Left) and Marion Knott.


  1. Wolfman Jack, it's hard to believe how hugely popular he was for a while (the "American Graffiti" effect?). Kids shows, variety shows (Sonny & Cher)... he was everywhere.