Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Log Ride Opening Press Kit

Today I'm posting a copy of the "Calico Log Ride" press kit folder and it contents.
First up is the press kit folder itself. The background green color is the color of the paper. It was printed using only two colors of ink, red and black. The back cover and the inside pockets were plain with no printing on them.

The next three pages are the schedule of events for the day, "Operation Big Splash".

Here are a couple of pitcures from John Wayne's arrival (these were not in the press kit but I thought I would just thrown them in here).

The other things in the press kit were four publicity photos and the caption sheets for each photo.

In the picture above it looks like they're still putting the finishing touches on the mountain. There's a man with a hard hat on at the bottom of the chute and a ladder leaning against the mountain to the left of the chute in the middle of the picture. The viewing platform to the left looks unfinished, there are no railings on it yet.