Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Haunt 1976 part 2

Here's more of the photos from the 1976 Halloween Haunt promotional event. This was the second year that Wolfman Jack was the host of Halloween Haunt. "Wolfman's Haunted Hearse" shown in these photos was being raffled off this year. Back then they thought they needed an extra incentive for people come. The hearse and Wolfman's coffin was detailed by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, of Rat Fink fame, from Knott's Graphics Department.

Wolfman Jack with Virginia (Left) and Marion Knott.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Haunt 1976 part 1

Today, I'm posting some photos from a publicity stunt to promote the 1976 Halloween Haunt. The first four photos are of four monks escorting a mystery vehicle to the Grand Entrance at Knott's. The parking lot in the background is now Camp Snoopy. Also, note that they are traveling on the Cable Car tracks and pass by a Cable Car Stop, it was only 25 cents to ride the Cable Cars. In the third picture there is one of the Cable Cars waiting for the mystery vehicle and procession to pass by.

Now, the next couple of photos are of Virginia (left) and Marion Knott unveiling the mystery vehicle, it's a hearse.

Here's Virginia and Marion posing with the monks, the four escorts and the driver.

And now the monks are taking something out of the hearse, it looks to be a coffin.

And look who's in the coffin, it's Wolfman Jack.

More to come tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Haunt in the Beginning

First up I'm posting a page from the Winter 1973 Knotty Post showing some pictures from the first Halloween Haunt. See more from the first Halloween Haunt at this OC History Roundup post.

The next image is from the Fall 1974 Knotty Post with pictures from the second Halloween Haunt.

The next three images are of the Show Guide/Map for the third Halloween Haunt in 1975. This was the first year that Wolfman Jack would headline and host the Halloween Haunt.

A lot of the special features for the event were kind of sideshow type attractions like the Invisible Man, Spider Woman, Dracula's Hands, Headless Woman and the Severed Head. Some of these were illusions created with mirrors.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some items from the fourth and fifth Halloween Haunt. Including some great publicity shots of Wolfman Jack.