Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knott's Frosty the Snowman

This subject came up in the comments of another blog about Knott's. So, I thought that I would post some pictures of "Frosty". The first one shows the refrigeration crew putting Frosty together, the picture is from the 1963 November/December Knotty Post. Frosty was made of this coiled tubing that would frost over to create a snowy effect. Note how deep Frosty's eyes and nose are in this first photo compared to the next couple of pictures.

This image is a page from the 1964 November/December Knotty Post.

This next photo is from the 1970 Winter Knotty Post.

The next photo is one of my favorite pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Knott, as they walk through Ghost Town holding hands on a winter day after a rain shower. You can see Frosty in his little lean-to on the right side there in front of the Ghost Town Firehouse.


  1. Wow...thanks for posting these! I've seen that last pic of Mr. and Mrs. Knott many times and never even realized that Frosty was in the photo too! I remember at closing time when they would "turn him off".....he wasn't very pretty when he defrosted. I do have my pic of Frosty from 1982 when he was out on Grand Avenue near the underpass. I'll post it, but it might not be until we get a little closer to Xmas!

  2. Nice post. I believe there was also an information booth in that general area - near the fire station - for some time, wasn't there? Think we have a slide of it around here somewhere...

  3. Yes, the information booth was on the west side of the Firehouse across from the Gold Trails Hotel porch. I got a picture around somewhere of too.

  4. Amazing, I'd never even heard of this Frosty figure until recently. I love that he was actually made of ice/frost!