Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knott's Roaring 20s Airfield 35 Years Ago

I'm a little in getting this post done but better late than never. It was 35 years ago June 12 that the Knott's Roaring 20s Airfield opened. I starting off with some of the pre-opening materials and photos.
First up is an employee newsletter from May 3, 1976. It describes the details of the area along with the artist's concept drawings of the attractions.

Next is the cover to "Good Time Gazette" the map/entertainment handout of at the time. Again it has pictures of conceptual drawings and a advertisement for the Bear-y Tales storybook.

The next item is a half page flyer.

And the next item is a promotional button that employees wore. It was made of cardboard with a pin taped to the back.

Now here are some photos from the construction of the Sky Jump tower. The first couple photos look like they could have been taken just a couple of months ago, if you didn't know better.

Here's a newspaper article from the Buena Park News about area about to open at Knott's.

I will finish this post tomorrow with some pictures and items about the opening.

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  1. Love the construction shots. Thanks for the look.