Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Grow Boysenberries

Today, I'm posting a copy of a handout that was sent out with the plants that were ordered from the Knott's Berry Farm Nursery.

The hands in pictures on the front page are Walter Knott's.

The picture on the back has Walter and Russell Knott in the foreground.

The following pictures are other photographs that were taken at the same time as the pictures used in the planting handout above. Walter is in each of the pictures

The next picture is of how the plants look that are being shipped.

The last picture is of Walter standing amongst Raspberry brushes. On the back of this photograph it was written "Latham Raspberries, late summer. We prune these back about 1/3 during the dormant season." The hand writing looked like it could be Walter's. The W in the word "We" looked like the W in Walter's signature.


  1. Nice very nice photos...I love the hats I just got new berry plants yesterday and this helps!
    Thank you...

  2. Fantastic information- thanks for sharing!
    Any chance to get some hi-res images of those? The text/directions are a little hard to read...