Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knott's Country Fair Returns

Today I'm posting copies of the entertainment handouts from three of Country Fair events at Knott's. Unlike the "Mardi Gras" event discussed in the previous post this event was very successful and had an 18 year run from 1977 to 1994. And after a 16 year hiatus Knott's has decided to bring it back. The Country Fair will run from April 16 through 24 this year.

The first three images are from the first Country Fair event in 1977.

The next three images are from the second annual event in 1978.

For the next set images we're going to skip ahead a couple of years to 1980, which was the 60th anniversary of Knott's and the fourth annual Country Fair.

That's it for this post, I plan to post more Country Fair materials when I get a chance to scan them in.


  1. How does one contact you regarding your images?

  2. Why, whaddya gonna do with 'em?

  3. Research for what? A school paper? Just do a Google search. There's plenty of Knott's stuff out there.