Monday, January 24, 2011

Prospector's Day

The propose of my post today is to help bring back an old Knott's tradition of celebrating Prospector's Day or as it is now known "Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day", TLAGPD, ( ).

The first images is of the "Journal" newspaper that was handed out to guests on December 29, 1970. This "Special Edition Journal" was not so much about Prospector's Day, other than the article on page 2 announcing that Prospector's Day will be celebrated on January 23, 1971. This edition is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Knott family coming to Buena Park. The celebration included a cake cutting ceremony with all the Knott family in attendance, pie-eating contests throughout the day and a beauty contest were all contestants had to be over 50 years old. Also, there is an article announcing the $3.5 million expansion project the " 'Fantastic' New Gypsy Camp".

The next issue is from January 1971 and has articles about the Prospector's Day parade and other events going on that day. Other articles in this issue are about the new John Wayne and the john Wayne statue being created by Claude Bell. Note the "Happy Birthday Mrs. Knott" above the header on page 1.

The next issue is from January 1972,  this issue has some hand written notes on it. Down the left hand side it says "When Janet & Lenny visited us in Nov. 1970 Jan had her picture taken with this old timer-Blackie Dillon." Along the top it says "Note of possible interest about the count on dinners served for entire year of 1971 - Can you imagine - it was 628,732 - that's just the Chicken Dinners." Written between the lines of the header is "There were 2,252 dinners served on Jan. 22-1972 and also on this date Bud said there'd been 11,872 people paid admission to enter the gates at Knott's." And at the bottom is written "They both recently celebrated their 83rd birthdays." Again note the "Happy Birthday" wish to Mrs. Knott on page 2.

The last issue I have is from January 27, 1973. The special items of note in this issue are on page 2, the long list of "Prospector's Day Parade Line-Up" and the entertainment. Billy Mize and Tennesseans in the Wagon Camp and Barbara Mandrell in the John Wayne Theatre (love the hair in her publicity photo).

The last item for this post is a cardboard badge for Prospector's Day. I'm not sure how or when this was used. I have a couple of them and they had straight pins in the top holding them together.

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